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Vinyl Fences are Safe and Simple: No Toxins, No Cleaners

Durable vinyl fences easily build security and protection and are non-toxic and are manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. This is one of the reasons vinyl fences are very suitable for residential use, especially when children and pets are playing outside. Chemically treated fences are not suitable for home gardens because children and dogs will touch the fence in the long run. In addition, chemically treated fences will release toxins when baked in the hot sun. You can avoid these problems by installing vinyl fences instead of wood or other fences.

Pure water is the only cleaner you’ll need

Another benefit is that vinyl fences are easy to clean and you don’t have to use chemicals. To keep your vinyl fence clean, all you have to do is rinse it with clean water so that you don’t have to use harsh cleaners. You can also forget the extra homework of repainting your fence! Since the vinyl fence is coated with built-in powder paint, the color will remain as new.

Vinyl fencing is fire resistant

Vinyl fences are fireproof. They are not easy to burn and are considered self-extinguishing. In tests conducted by ASTM, the flammability of vinyl samples was analyzed. ASTM found that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is not easy to burn, and once it is ignited, the flame will quickly go out. Vinyl fences are safer than wood and can provide safety for the head of the household.

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Injury

Building a fence around your home has obvious benefits for your home’s safety. The most common reason is to keep intruders away to ensure the safety of children and pets in your yard. However, in addition to safety, vinyl is a safer choice than other types of fences, because this smooth fence material is not easily damaged.

Splinters are a thing of the past

With vinyl fences, families no longer need to worry about children or pets being injured by accidental debris on the fence. Vinyl will not chip, and even if you prefer the appearance of wood fences, it is also one of the safest choices.

No screws, rails, or nails

The best vinyl fences are specially designed to be held in place without the use of screws, rails or nails. Wood and certain types of metal fences will age over time, and your family may be exposed to rusty nails and sharp metal objects. This is how the injury happened. Metal can infect your child or pet with tetanus, a dangerous and life-threatening infection. Vinyl maintains its stability and structure and will not fall out of nails or other harmful materials.

Privacy or Visibility – Buy a Fence that Serves A Purpose

Do you build privacy fences around the garden? Or do you want to protect your swimming pool and enjoy the view from your balcony? If you want more privacy or need visibility, buy the vinyl fence that suits you!

Have privacy in your backyard

You may not like the idea that neighbors and travelers have a chance to see from your yard. If you don’t want people to see your family, a high fence with a gate is the way to go. The privacy provided by vinyl fences depends entirely up to the homeowners.

Maximize visibility where it matters most

There are areas in your yard that you need to ensure maximum visibility. For example, if there is a place around a swimming pool, you want a fence with high visibility. When building a pool fence, look for a wider style. Swimming pool handrails must comply with local swimming pool regulations regarding height and gate locks, but you can choose rails with larger spacing to track swimmers.

Planning to build security and protection with durable vinyl fences on your homes, you can contact your local fence installation company.

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