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Vinyl Fencing Stays “Looking New” Long After Installation

If you want to install an attractive, low-maintenance fence, you should seriously consider vinyl fences. Although vinyl may be a bit more expensive than other types of fences, such as wood fences, vinyl has a wider range of styles and is more resistant to elements than other types of fences—which is why vinyl is the type of fence you’d prefer in your yard

Vinyl Fencing Styles are beautiful and requires less work than other fences

Among all types of fence materials, vinyl is the easiest to clean and can last a lifetime. Of course, not all vinyl fences are created equal, but industry leaders use proprietary fencing equipment to make their vinyl fences the most durable and the most versatile on the market. Its innovative design eliminates the need for metal fittings and screws. Due to the use of high-quality vinyl, its long service life means that you do not need to replace or even repair it. Vinyl comes in many different colors and will not stain, discolor or impair vision. This is a smart investment for your home or commercial property!

Find Your Vinyl Fencing Style

There are many vinyl fence styles to choose from when buying fences. Whether you are an owner or a business owner, you want to install a beautiful fence to compliment your property. You may also need security and privacy, or visibility and a greater curb appeal. Explore the following vinyl fence styles and choose a style that suits your appearance.

There are three main types of vinyl fences to choose from: picket, screens, post-and-rail. Picket fences are decorative and perfect for security, screen fences are best for privacy, and post-and-rail fences are usually used in large areas such as farms and pastures. Decide which style is best for your property. From there, you can choose from style changes and adjustments to choose the perfect vinyl fence.

1. Picket Style Vinyl.

The picket fence creates the appearance of a traditional American cottage style house. With panels or stakes evenly distributed, this type of fence is one of the most economical options, easy to install and easy to customize. It is also very wide because you can choose the height, the distance between pickets, and even the shape of each picket and the style of the post. Traditionally, the pickets reach the cone point at the top and work at 3-4 feet. Used to raise small animals and strangers on the lawn. Consider your landscape, the style of your home, and decide whether you should use picket fences for your property.

2. Screen Style Vinyl.

If you are looking for privacy and seclusion, you can turn your yard into an outdoor recreation area with vinyl screen fence. Screen fences, also called privacy fences, basically act as walls for outdoor spaces. There are no gaps between the guide rails, so you have maximum privacy and even noise barriers.

3. Post-and-Rail Vinyl

If your property is large and you want to divide your property line without obstructing your view, the style of post and rail may be right for you. This style is also called a split rail. It is simple and sets clear limits, especially for large areas. You can imagine the type of fence on the farm. Post and rail fences are used in vast spaces and large areas that require perimeters.

The most common railings and fences have 2, 3, or 4 spacers between each post. Due to their natural appearance, post and rail fences show a good image in every living space and are favored by many residential owners’ associations. If you like a wide view but have pets that need to be fenced, you can install wire mesh inside the fence to avoid losing your furry friends.For further questions about why vinyl is the type of fence you’d prefer in your yard, you can contact your local fence installation in Newton CT.

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