Fence Repair Experts in Newtown CT

If there is no regular maintenance, damaged fence panels & posts will not only look bad, but will weaken the entire fence

We will repair your damaged fence and keep it in a new condition. Whether you need simple refurbishment or overhaul, Fence Connecticut can repair all types of fences. We provide long-term maintenance of the fence to fully restore its function, safety and aesthetics. We can handle any degree of damage and materials with care to meet all your needs.

Snow and plow fence repairs in Southern Connecticut

We provide fence repairs after snowstorms or plow damage in Connecticut

When winter storms hit Connecticut, snow related fence repairs can become a necessity. Fence Connecticut can repair any damages on your fence inflicted by the storm and make it look like new. Heavy snow can cause serious and unexpected damage to the fence, which may come from fallen branches, close to snowplows, or damage to fence panels due to icing and strong winds. We provide fast, reliable, high quality and permanent fix of your fences against the wrath of winter!

Get the repairs you need for the fence you have

When repairing your fence, we use existing materials as much as possible. We will repair or replace the damaged parts of your fence and we can add a new layer of stain that will result in a fence looking like new without the expense or hassle.

If your fence has been damaged by high wind, hail, heavy rain, vehicle collision, fallen trees and branches or termites or just showing significant wear and tear, we can help. Over time, vinyl fences can crack or dent, and rust is common on chain link and wrought iron fences. Whatever type of fence you have, we will take care of any repairs necessary to get your fence back in perfect condition.