Commercial Wood Fence Installation in Newtown

How we do wood fencing for commercial infrastructures?

For solid wood, you have a variety of commercial wooden fence options, including plank fences, corral fences and picket fences. You can also add a complex lattice frame to the top of the fence, or a custom top with a unique geometric pattern to increase the height. Our prefabricated boards are made of treated pine boards and fastened together with coated ring nails, making them economical and easy to lay. We only use the highest quality materials in the fence project. Nothing can compare to the warmth and beauty of natural wooden fences. We provide wooden fences: pressure-treated pine, yellow pine and red cedar.

Maintain your wood fence

Rotting and warping are common problems with wood fences, but there are several ways to protect your investment.

  • Metal posts can be used to protect fence posts from water and moisture, and help maintain the support and structure of the fence.
  • The fence can be treated with a water-proof solution to prevent warping and insect damage.
  • Staining can personalize your fence and help it blend with the surrounding environment, and seal the wood to extend the life of the fence.

Let us help you choose the best fence to solve your needs

Whether you want to install wood fences on your business properties or other areas within your property, you can be rest assured that Fence Connecticut will provide high-quality products and professional and easy installation.

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