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Why Iron & Aluminum Fences are Better than Wood and Other Materials

Sparing the Trees

An important feature of recycled iron & aluminum fences: the manufacturing process does not require wood, and iron & aluminum fences do not require wood to manufacture, construct or install. Protecting forests is an obvious benefit of choosing aluminum. On other fence materials. In theory, the trees in the forest absorb carbon dioxide and ideally reduce the effects of global warming, the more aluminum fences there are. Simply put, you can protect trees by choosing to install iron & aluminum fences.

Iron & Aluminum Fencing is Recyclable

Although the iron & aluminum fence will never need to be replaced, but there may be a time to get rid of it. When the time is right, just remove the fence and take the posts to the local waste recycling center. Materials that are easy to recycle. You can even get back the money for recycling iron & aluminum fences.

Not only can your fence be completely recyclable, it is likely to be made of recycled materials. The extent to which aluminum extrusion and recycling can help reduce pollution and reduce waste is surprising.

Sustainability – Less is More

We all know that our consumerist American culture has gotten out of control. If you want to be a responsible shopper, invest in long-lasting, high-quality products, not cheap ones that are quickly thrown away. Choose the most sustainable option. The aluminum fence built will last a lifetime, and our condition is guaranteed. If possible, repair is better than replacement.

No Chemicals Needed

Aluminum fences do not require extensive cleaning or maintenance, let alone harmful chemicals. All you have to do is clean under running water from time to time. You can spray your fence at the beginning of each spring, which should be enough. So your fence is like new all year round. Unlike other types of fences, aluminum fences do not need to be painted or dyed. You also don’t need any sealants, sprays or insecticides.

On the other hand, wood fences and iron fences require treatment and cleaning agents, which release toxic fumes into the air. Avoid using these chemicals and cleaning agents because they release toxins that are harmful to humans and animals, not to mention the ozone layer.

Iron & Aluminum Fences are More Affordable

Iron & aluminum fences are cheaper than different types of metal fences. When you choose iron & aluminum, you can get the timeless beauty and durability of iron and steel fences at very little cost. You can buy iron & aluminum fences for around $30 per foot. Metal fences start at $84 per foot (solid steel) and $125 per foot (cast iron). The price of iron & aluminum fence depends on the type, color and surface treatment of iron & aluminum.

To learn more about how to protect trees by choosing to install iron & aluminum fences, you can contact your local fence installation company.

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