Professional Wood Fence Installation in Newtown

The wood fence preserves the natural beauty of the wood and provides the protection and security you need for your property

Because of its beauty, privacy and durability, wood fences are still a popular choice for homeowners. Wood is also a multifunctional material that can be used to make various fences. Fence Connecticut installs high-quality pine or cedar wood fences and provides world-class design and installation to ensure that your wood fences will function in the next few years.

What type of wood fence is right for you?

Maintain your wood fence

Rotting and warping are common problems with wood fences, but there are several ways to protect your investment.
  • Metal posts can be used to protect fence posts from water and moisture, and help maintain the support and structure of the fence.
  • The fence can be treated with a water-proof solution to prevent warping and insect damage.
  • Staining can personalize your fence and help it blend with the surrounding environment, and seal the wood to extend the life of the fence.

Let us help you choose the best fence to solve your needs

Whether you want to install wood fences on terraces, gardens or other places, you can be rest assured that Fence Connecticut will provide high-quality products and professional and easy installation.

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