Commercial Iron & Aluminum Installation in Newtown Connecticut

Quality solutions to enhance your business' security

Commercial aluminum fences are made of pickets and railings that are larger than residential fences. This type of aluminum fence is usually used in high-traffic areas, such as public swimming pools or shops. The value of your property at the time of sale and installation. This is a great investment that will give you peace of mind and will last for several years.

Commercial grade aluminum fence panels are manufactured by leading fence manufacturers and include on guard, and spec rail that meet specifications. The commercial fence panels can withstand approximately 300 pounds of pressure on the top horizontal rail. Commercial grade fence panels are usually made of 72-inch and 96-inch wide panels, which can be cut to fit fences of any length. Coating can keep your metal fence in good condition for many years.

Benefits of an iron & aluminum fence

Iron and aluminum fences are versatile and of high quality, which makes them a smart investment for your company. Iron and aluminum fences are great for keeping unauthorized personnel outside, surround your property, and make curbs more attractive. 

The iron and aluminum fence has unparalleled strength and quality. Our fences will stand the test of time and will provide you with durable end products in the coming years.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of iron and aluminum fences are its aesthetics. These fences are an excellent addition to various commercial styles and colors, and can be combined with gates to create a complete perimeter around the property. Considering your fence, Fence Connecticut can design a solution that suits your needs and budget.

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