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Residential Fencing

Here at Fence Connecticut, we know that fences are an important investment for you and your home. Installing a new fence can bring additional protection, privacy, and aesthetic that are beneficial to your property. We assemble different fences according to your requirements and preferred design options. Installing a new fence can also add significant value to your property. Our experts will help you choose the perfect fence for your home and build it to perfection. We believe in the importance of exquisite craftsmanship, especially for buildings that must be durable.

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Commercial Fencing


Fence Connecticut provides commercial fence services in Connecticut. We install commercial fences to add extra protection and safety to your building. Our commercial and industrial fence services are reliable and reasonably priced, and we can ensure that they are built to provide lasting functionality. We also serve municipal and industrial buildings.

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Gates & Access Control


Maintain privacy and security with professionally installed custom gates with access controls. The closed driveway gives people a solemn feel, reminiscent of the beautiful homes and fences that have proven themselves. Although sliding doors or swing doors are an excellent aesthetic addition to your home, you should not underestimate the increased privacy and security it provides. Fence Connecticut offers a wide range of swing and sliding door designs, from beautiful wrought iron and wooden doors to cantilever steel doors. We can adapt the gate to your existing fence. Sliding doors can create a large entrance at the end of the sidewalk while increasing privacy and security.

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We serve not only local but several of our neighboring towns as well. You can rely on our experienced, local fence installers. All workers are equipped with the right knowledge (including functionality, durability, design and cost) of the materials to be used and undergoing continuous various training plus their years of field practices to ensure you we can get all installations, repairs and replacements done properly for our customers.

Quality is a key part of our service. We know how bothersome an exposed or open yard for your children and pets can be or the thought of some strangers could easily trespass within your property. That is why we are aiming to resolve these kinds of concerns as soon as we can for the residents of Newtown. Our main goal is to complete our services of fence and gate installations, assistance and some additional repairs and replacements the first day we visit to your house after your call.

See our Fence Connecticut FAQs below. We fill our service trucks with manufacturer’s materials and offer a warranty for repair and replacement on all parts we install and for our labor to guarantee we give aid to all our customers needs.

Fence Connecticut FAQs

What types of services do you provide?
We supply and install fences and products related to surrounding security, such as new fence installations, iron gates, chain link fences, vinyl fences, operators and access control systems.
Who identifies property lines?
The owner is responsible for determining where to implement its project. If you are worried about the boundaries of the property, we recommend that you find them or conduct a property inspection.
Will your products add value to my property?
In most cases, adding a new fence to a residential property will increase its value. In order to correctly determine the added cost, an assessment must be made.
When will Fence Connecticut let me know my fence is ready to install?
Approximately one week before the start of your project, one of our representatives will reach out to you or leave a message at the phone number you provided. Sometimes, the scheduled start date may be affected by circumstances beyond our control (please refer to the general terms of the agreement). We will do our best to notify you of any changes in schedule or conflicts.
How long does a fence installation take?
This actually depends on many factors, the type, length and location of the fence, all of which affect the time required. However, in general, for most wood or steel fences, the average job takes 1-2 days.
How long will it take to get my project finished?
Depending on the size of your project and the type of work in progress, it may take several weeks (2 to 5 weeks, depending on the scope of work in progress) for us to start your project. You can expect a period of time for the installation and completion of the project. Some projects require time to classify materials, while other projects (such as ornamental iron) require time to build the materials.
Do I need to be there while your team is working?
In most cases, you don’t need to be there. The assessor will guide the field service team based on the discussion with you. If you have special concerns or just feel more comfortable on site during work, you can stay.
What if I want to change something?
If you want to change something in the project, please contact your assessor immediately so that we can adjust the material accordingly. Making changes to your project before you start is easier than we are already in it. If you want to make changes during the team assignment, please inform the team of the scope of the change and contact your assessor immediately.
My question is not listed here. How do I get in contact with you?
You can give us a call at (000) 000-0000, or submit your inquiries by filling out our contact form.

Residential Fencing

In order to focus on your needs, our CT fence experts can help you determine which type of fence is best for your home. If you want your pets and children to be safe, install a swimming pool fence in your yard to protect privacy, or if you prefer us to design a fence system that meets your specific safety needs, we are here to help you! As the leading fence company in Connecticut, we provide various types of fences, from vinyl fences to picket fences with the installation quality you need.

Commercial Fencing

There are many factors to consider when installing a commercial fence. Fence Connecticut will guide you through the process and explain all the options to you. Some factors that need to be considered are safety requirements, aesthetics and durability. Our professional fencing team will recommend the best solution for you. For your industrial fence, if you need fence maintenance in the future, we will be at your service at any time.

Fence Installation

Setting up a fence can be a daunting task, and the workload almost always exceeds expectations. Professional fence installation is the best way to ensure that your fence is installed correctly, looks exquisite and has a long service life. Let our CT fence installers from Fence Connecticut help you install your new fence.

Fence Repair

We will repair your damaged fence and keep it in a new condition. Whether you need simple refurbishment or overhaul, Fence Connecticut can repair all types of fences. We provide long-term maintenance of the fence to fully restore its function, safety and aesthetics. We can handle any degree of damage and materials with care to meet all your needs.


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