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Bring this attitude into your garden for spring cleaning! Check out our list of 4 things you can do to get your yard ready for springtime.

  1. Rethink your landscape. Don’t be afraid to dispose and move objects that don’t work. If you want your garden to be closer to your home every year, take some time to move it this time around! Do you have the privacy you need? No, think about having some privacy fences, bushes, or a new tree.
  2. Repair your hardscape. We always recommend that you carefully observe the rugged landscape. Check rocks, terraces, sidewalks, paving stones, boxes around flowers and plants, fences, gates, pavilions and other areas that need repairs. Most likely, winter conditions have eliminated wood, color, and other elements from the harsh landscape. If your fence has damaged posts or loose posts, please call your local fence installation company. You need to make sure that the design itself is reliable and ready for the next season!
  3. Manicure your lawn. Rake the lawn deeply to remove dead grass and leaves, and then ventilate the lawn to prepare the compacted soil for spring showers. Fill the bare grass with lawn or seeding material before fertilizing. The grass around your fence will always be greener.
  4. Clean up your gardens. It’s time to remove any excess mulch or burlap used to protect the plants during the cold months. Remove dead leaves, branches and other debris around and in the garden. Turn over winter soil and add any fertilizer or soil. Don’t forget to carve trees and shrubs, but wait until the spring-blooming trees bloom before pruning. Whether you are convening a team or doing the work yourself, with these spring garden care tips, you can instantly make your outdoor area suitable for summer!

For more inquiries other than these 4 things, you can contact your local fence installation company to check if your yard is ready for springtime.

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